English Learner Advisory Committee

23-24 Meetings

  • Welcome to our ELAC Information Page!

    Paloma Elementary's English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)  is comprised of parents, staff, and community members and is specifically designed to advise school officials on English Learner program services. 

    We welcome you to join us! 

    ELAC meetings are held 5 times a year.  Dates are posted at school and on the website.  Invitations will be emailed a week in advance.

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Holly Bowron, Assistant Principal

    (951) 302-5165 ext. 2549


  • 23-24 ELAC Officers


    Vice President:

    Secretary: Rosa Lee Legi

    Committee Member: Lilan Yu and Naoko Kinoshita

    DELAC Representative: Jaume Carrera and Claudia Melchiori

  • What is ELAC?

    ELAC (E-lac) stands for English Learner Advisory Committee. It is the site-based committee that meets to discuss the needs of the English Learner (EL) students at a particular school.

    What does an ELAC do?

    The ELAC is responsible for:

    • Advising the Principal and staff on the programs for EL students
    • Developing the Site Needs Assessment
    • Informing parents of the importance of school attendance
    • Training the ELAC officers on their roles and responsibilities
    • Providing training opportunities for EL families
    • Advising and participating in DELAC (District-level ELAC)
    • ELAC meets 4-5 times per year

    Why is it important to get involved in ELAC?

    At Paloma, our ELAC meets to discuss the diverse needs of our English Learner students. We need you to come, share your feedback, and tell us how we can best support your child and family.

    "The California Legislature is committed to assuring that parents/guardians of English learners have a voice in the education of their children.  This belief is reflected in the passage of specific California Education Code (EC) and California Code of Regulation (CCR) sections requiring English Learner Advisory Committees (ELAC) and District English Learner Advisory Committees (DELAC) to be in place in schools and districts that educate English learners.

    California Education Code (EC) 52176(b) states, "Each school with more than 20 (21 or more) pupils of limited English proficiency shall establish a school level advisory committee on which parents or guardians or both, of such pupils constitute membership in at least the same percentage as their children and wards represent of the total number of pupils in the school.and designate for this purpose an existing school level advisory committee or subcommittee of such an advisory committee, if the advisory committee or subcommittee where appropriate, meets the criteria stated above."

    2009 School Innovations & Achievement (SI&A).  All rights reserved.

    We have families that speak a variety of languages and need language support.  Our EL students and their families speak at least one or more languages including, but not limited to:

    • Spanish
    • Filipino / Tagalog
    • Chinese / Mandarin
    • Japanese
    • Arabic
    • Armenian
    • Farsi
    • Italian
    • Russian
    • Thai
    • Cebuano

    We are working hard to provide translation services for all of the languages spoken by the Paloma community.  Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to translate into all languages without the support of Google Translate.  Even with Google Translate, we are still unable to translate into Farsi.

DELAC - District English Learner Advisory Committee


    The District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) meets to improve student achievement for English Learners by providing input into the types of programs and services available to English Learners in the District. Please click on the picture below to access the DELAC website.

    DELAC logo with colorful people figures holding hearts