Locate Your Home School

Revised School Attendance Boundaries

On Tuesday, March 18, 2014 the Governing Board took action to revise attendance boundaries throughout the school district.  These changes were necessary to balance enrollment at certain school sites, and to create school feeder patterns that allow students to stay with the same social groups as they promote from one school level to another. 

The district is in the process of notifying all current TVUSD families that may be impacted by the revised attendance boundaries. 



How to use "Locate Your Home School" system:


  1. Type in your entire street address (i.e. 1234 Main Street). Be sure to include Street, Road, Avenue, etc.
  2. A push pin locator will appear on a map corresponding to the address entered. 
  3. In the white box under the "Results" tab, you will see the elementary, middle and high schools (“home schools”) serving that street address. The schools’ address, phone number and website links are also available in that location by clicking on the arrow to the left of the school name. 
  4. Note – this feature may not be 100% on point for the address identified, however the schools of attendance will be accurate.)