Garden Program

TVUSD’s Garden Program now has 22 full-functioning gardens where students, staff, parents and community members interact on a daily basis. They weed, tend, cultivate, and nurture their garden. Evidence of their hard work virtually grows before their eyes. The impact of the program is best surmised by one of our teachers, who says:  


“It’s more than a garden. It’s a science laboratory, a weather station, a silent dietitian, and a natural recycler. It’s the site of real world math and interactive cooperation, as well as a place where imagination and literature come to life.”


Since launching the Garden Program, we have seen increased student interest in science. Lessons are often taught in the garden and include a hands-on approach with dirt, worms, and vegetables. Students often “hang out” in the garden during free-time, as many sites have purchased or re-painted kid-friendly benches for reading, chatting or enjoying the garden ambiance.“I’ve tried parsley, basil, and mint leaf,” a second grader recently shared. Others claim that “the broccoli and radishes are great!” 



Local artist, Jamie Edwards painted a mural next to LaVorgna Elementary School's garden. The artwork is a design by Nicolas Valley Elementary student, Justin MacRae who earned 3rd place in the 2009 Field to Fork Art Competition.

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