2012-13 Staff Development

Staff Development Opportunities: 2013-14


Professional Learning Community (PLC) Cohorts/Common Core

All of our schools have sent leadership teams (some, more than once!) to the DuFours’ “Creating and Sustaining PLCs” national seminars.  For the past three years, all sites have worked in cohort groups at the district office to deepen their understanding and practical application of PLCs.  Over 500 teacher and administrative leaders have spent five days creating a shared vision, reviewing current research, sharing best practices, and dialoging about the four overarching questions: What do we want students to learn?  How will we know when they’ve learned it?  What will we do when they don’t?  What do we do for those that already know it?  Teams participating in the K-12 ELA and K-12 Math sessions for 2013-14 have been pre-selected. Teachers participating do not need to sign up. Teachers will need to arrange for their own substitutes. Please see attached for dates and times. 


Common Core

The PLC Cohorts in 2013-14 will focus on key differences between Common Core State Standards and previous State Standards, understanding the structure and design of the Common Core State Standards, and beginning implementation steps. Subsequent trainings will focus on instructional planning with Common Core Standards and Standards Mapping. 

Common Core ELA: Dates/Times

Common Core Math: Dates/Times




Visual Arts Staff Development Opportunity for K-5 Teachers

This is a series of 8 sessions designed to develop and deepen arts content knowledge for K-5 teachers. The intent is that participants will engage in art-making and translate their experience into grade-level appropriate lessons based on grade level art standards. The first four sessions are a repeat of last year’s lessons designed around the element of art space with lessons focused on positive and negative, and real and implied space. The next four sessions will address color and value.


Site Visitations

District administrators visit each site multiple times throughout the year, often in teams. The host principal reviews the school’s current goals and foci and then leads a tour through each of the classrooms.  Instruction and teacher actions are analyzed through the lenses of the four Essential Components of Instruction:

1) Developing & Teaching to Instructional Objectives
2) Student Engagement
3) Feedback
4) Monitoring & Adjusting while teaching

Additionally, for 2013-2014, site teams will visit and provide feedback regarding PLC meetings, interventions, and common core. The team de-briefs at the end of the observations to identify patterns, trends, strengths, and weaknesses. This analysis serves as specific feedback for the principals, site, grade levels, and individual teachers. It also assists in planning future staff development and staff meeting activities that are relevant to the individual site.                                                                                                                     


New Principal Support

Recognizing that quality instructional leadership and continued high student performance require stellar skill-sets among principals, we provide ongoing support to each of our administrators, particularly those new to the role.  Weekly visitations with each new principal provide an opportunity to support and guide our leaders with pressing issues.  Each classroom is observed during the visits to identify trends or issues needing attention. The focus is on the instructional needs of the site; we analyze data, review team goals/progress, and plan staff development activities for leadership, grade level, and whole-staff meetings. 



Staff Support Sites

Screen shot 2011-09-28 at 9.48.54 AM.png              Pinnacle set up for teachers in Elementary Schools







Screen shot 2011-09-28 at 9.48.54 AM.png             Pinnacle set up for teacher in High or Middle Schools.







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This site focuses on the further development of teachers, administrators, and staff members using technology to improve student learning and their educational experiences.  Learn more about Google Educational Apps, iPads, BYOD, Doc Cameras (ELMO), Flipped Classrooms models.