Google Docs for TVUSD

Google Docs for TVUSD

TVUSD is now offering access to Google Docs for staff and students. Many users are already familiar with Google Docs in their personal use, and some district staff and students have been piloting this service with great success.

What can I use Google Docs for?

  • With Google Docs, you can create documents, spreadsheets, slide shows and forms. You can also upload existing MS Office files to access them from anywhere with a connection to the Internet. If you convert the uploaded documents to Google Docs format, you can edit your documents from just about any Internet-connected device.
  • You can share a document or a folder with other users (including students). You control what those user can do (view or edit), and you can even share documents with other users outside TVUSD. No more calls to IMS to create special shares on district servers that are only accessible from inside our network.

Who can access TVUSD's Google Docs?

  • Any staff member with a valid network account.
  • Any student (currently grades 2-12) with a valid network account.

How do I access Google Docs?

  • From a Windows computer connected to the TVUSD network, simply double-click on the Google Docs icon on your desktop.
  • From any computer, visit http://docs.google.com
  • You can visit the district web site for a link to Google Docs

What is my user name and password to access Google Docs?

  • For staff, use your district e-mail address (user@tvusd.k12.ca.us) and your network (not GroupWise) password
  • Students logon is based on their 10-digit permanent id (id@my.tvusd.k12.ca.us) and their network password. (Elementary student password defaults to their 8-digit date of birth MMDDYYYY including leading zeros)

How can I access my Google Docs?

  • You can use any Internet-capable device to access your documents. Keep in mind that some devices may be limited to viewing documents only, or may require the installation of Google Drive application.

What documents can I store on my Google Drive?

  • Google imposes size limitations on what can be uploaded. You should be able to upload and convert any document under 1 MB, which means no large video or audio files.