TVUSD has gone paperless! The paper flyers you normally receive in hard copy form will now be posted on your school's web site and sent to you via email. 


Visit your school's web site and click on the Peachjar logo to see your school's flyers. Or, search for your school on Peachjar.com.





Why are you eliminating hard copy flyers?

Traditionally,  a company delivers bundles of paper flyers to our school sites. Those flyers are then distributed to classrooms and placed into folders or envelopes (by staff or volunteers) and sent home with students weekly. 


The problem is that in recent years our schools have experienced reduced budgets, fewer staff, larger class sizes, and overall greater demands on teachers and staff. 


Our district currently has nearly 12,000 elementary school students. Distributing flyers to that many students on a weekly basis has become burdensome on our school staff and volunteers.

Benefits to you:

* A paperless flyer won’t get lost, misplaced, or thrown away

*  In households with multiple caregivers, flyers don’t always make it to the right person. With Peachjar, family members will have immediate access to flyers, and have the ability to sign up to receive flyers instantly via email

*  You will have the ability to “share” flyers through Twitter and Facebook

For Parents:


If you're a vendor who would like to post a flyer on Peachjar, see our Electronic Flyers section under TVUSD.