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January 9, 2015

Today the Governor released his proposals for the 2015-16 budget.  While the details are yet to be fully understood, we can provide you with a quick overview of what the proposal entails.

First, the local control funding formula is proposed to be adjusted in the gap funding by 32%.  The recent agreement with TVEA was to increase salaries effective January 1 by 2% if the gap funding was proposed at 20.68%.  If the gap funding was proposed at a different level, our agreement was that we were going to come back to the table.  The District is ready to process the 2% increase in the January payrolls and intends to proceed with those adjustments to all salaries – classified, certificated and management.  In addition, the District will be reaching out to TVEA to schedule the negotiations agreed to in the TVEA contract.

Second, the Governor proposes additional one-time funding for implementation of Common Core.  We do not yet know the amount of funding that will be distributed to any one district or how that distribution will work.

Third, Adult Education will receive a block grant as an “integral component” of the Governor’s prior emphasis on workforce development strategy.  It is not clear whether this additional apportionment, if approved, will flow through to individual school districts.

Fourth, the Governor proposes a small one-time amount of funding for internet connectivity and infrastructure.  At this time we do not know whether this will be based upon unduplicated count, distributed competitively, or made available equally to all districts.

Fifth, the Governor proposes to eliminate all remaining education funding deferrals, which is a cash-flow issue. 

In the coming weeks, we will hear more detail about how these proposals may play out.  Please keep in mind that the Governor’s proposals are subject to negotiation with the legislature as the process unfolds from now through June.  Also, how any one of these proposals actually plays out is subject to the final language in the budget bill and subsequent clean-up bills.  The details are important with any of these proposals, so we will be seeking out those details in the next several weeks, and monitoring the negotiations in Sacramento as to how those details are amended in all of the “horse-trading” that occurs during the various debates that will ensue from now through June.




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