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Hot Day Guidelines


The District is concerned about the welfare of students and has developed some basic guidelines related to hot weather. A high level of student activity can affect a student’s ability to learn and can create health problems for some students on unusually hot days.
1. Each site should have a thermometer in place to read outside temperatures.
2. When temperatures are between 85° and 95°, the principal will evaluate weather conditions related to temperature such as shade structure, breeze factor, humidity and pollutants. A decision will be made concerning a reduction in directed physical activities.
3. When temperatures are 95° and above, the principal should consider a reduction in PE activities such as running, jumping, prolonged exposure to the sun. Activities should be adjusted to reduce strenuous exercises. Lunch should be under shade structures or in a classroom/building, with limited time given for free outdoor play.
4. When temperatures reach 100° or over, outside PE activities should be discontinued.
5. High humidity is a factor related to the comfort level and can increase possible harmful affects of hot weather on students. When the relative humidity reaches 50% the above temperatures should be lowered by 5° when considering or taking action.
6. With all warm days, teachers and aides should be encouraged to remind students to reduce running/exertion activities and allow any student who complains of overheating to go to the office for rest and observation. With direct sun, certain areas of a school site may increase heat exposure, such as blacktop or concrete areas. Caution should be taken to observe all students for signs of overexposure.
7. Students who are abnormally affected by high temperatures and humidity should be given special consideration, and require follow-up by the school nurse. These students are identified by parents, health providers, teachers and outdoor activity staff.
8. The health office of each school has written procedures on actions to be taken should a student become ill due to high temperature/humidity. Health clerks have also been instructed on action to take when they believe a student has been negatively affected by heat.
9. Each site should develop activities which students may be involved in during critical temperature periods.
These guidelines are not to be considered exhaustive. Reason and good judgment must be used at each site to protect students and to indicate to parents and the community that the district continues to provide a safe environment for students.

Hot Day Guidelines (Print Version)

Download a print version of our Hot Day Guidelines