Student Fees

The issue of school fees, charges, deposits, donations and fundraising related to courses and activities has been at the forefront of public attention. The following information is provided by TVUSD’s legal services as well as the San Diego Unified School District, in efforts to provide guidance for district staff and parents.


The intent of the following information is to emphasize that the question is not whether schools and communities can raise money to support programs. Rather, how funds can be raised through lawful means.



In September 2010, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued the state of California contending that fees charged by schools violated the state’s constitutional guarantee of free and equal public education.

In December 2010, the state agreed to settle the lawsuit by enforcing a state law that prohibits schools from charging fees for items such as textbooks, cheerleader outfits and other items.


09/10/10 Public Schools Face Lawsuit Over Fees (New York Times)

12/9/10 ACLU, state settle over lawsuit  (North County Times)

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