Parents Reading Core Literature

Goals for 2012-13


  • Creating a family engagement communication component regarding the role of core literature in the education of youth

  • Collaborate with community groups to encourage community awareness of core literature and literacy issues

  • Assist in the understanding , defining and disseminating library and technology needs


Upcoming Meetings:



May 14, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. in Conference Rooms A, B and C at the District Office


Come see a demonstration of a California Common Core lesson by a group of high school students



Literary Genres 


Literary Terms


A SOAPSTone is a way to break into a piece of poetry, a speech, an essay, etc.  The goal is to define the key components of the work prior, in order to begin a thoughtful  analysis. Attached you will find definitions of  the key terms used in a SOAPSTone and a graphic organizer/note taking sheet.

SOAPSTone defined


PRCL Meeting Minutes

"I haven't read the literature my child has for high school, how can I help support him?"

We have included many great resources on this page to assist you in knowing the terminology, genres and methods used in our high school/middle school classrooms. However, our English teachers will tell you there are 4 major areas always referred to when our students study literature in the classroom. Without reading the book yourself, you can ask your child about the characters, theme, plot and tone of literary work. Ask your child to explain each in detail with examples or evidence from the text to support their response.
"My child participates in socratic seminars. What is that?"
Click on the youtube link below to see an overview of this method. Although each class may have a little different structure for the seminar,  the purpose and foundation are the same.



TVUSD's Core Literature

The California Department of Education provides a great resource for selecting literature to have in your home library for children.