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GATE Identification

Second Grade Screening 2015-2016 School Year


2015-2016 was the last year for Second Grade Screening

All students in second grade were offered the opportunity to be screened with the Raven Progressive Matrices.  Students who receive a score of the 99th percentile on this assessment are identified as potentially eligible for the Gifted and Talented Education program.  Final placement in this program will be determined after scores from the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, CAASPP, are available in the summer following the student's third grade year, 2017.

Q & A About Raven Progressive Matricies

How long does the test take?

In order to promote the fairest assessment of all students, the Raven is administered in an untimed testing session.   Some students work at a rapid rate while others like to take their time.  The majority of students complete the test within 50 minutes.

Does the Raven test only visual skills?  What about the student with excellent verbal skills?

 All intelligence tests require some measure of visual skill as well as verbal skill.  The Raven, although considered a non-verbal test, contains many elements necessary in word usage, abstract reasoning and language acquisition.  Results have shown that with the Raven, gifted traits are being recognized in students with strong verbal skills as well as the non-verbal student.

Is there a breakdown of scores from the Raven test?

The Raven provides one overall score stated in a percentile.

Why is a percentile score given rather than an IQ score?

Although the Raven Test is an intelligence test, it has been decided that only the percentile score would be reported.  Frequently, too much emphasis is placed on IQ scores.  With the use of the percentile score, there is less pressure placed on the student.

Is it possible to see the test results?

The answer sheet where the student placed his/her answers is basically a form with numbers on it.  Seeing it would give no insight into the results of the test.  Parents can request the final percentile for their child’s test.

What scores certify the student for the Gifted and Talented Program?

The Raven is one of five measures used to identify students for the program.   A score in the 97th percentile or above would indicate that the student is Highly Gifted.  Students receive points on the GATE Identification Matrix for scoring at or above the 95th percentile.

Scoring Matrix

Intellectual Assessment - Raven

Score                        Points

97th - 99th percentile = 4

95th - 96th percentile = 3

Total points possible = 4


Academic Achievement


CAASPP Language Arts Advanced = 2 points

CAASPP Math                 Advanced = 2 points

One additional point will be given to each student scoring Advanced in both areas

Total possible points = 5



Teacher and Parent Observations

Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scales (Teacher)

Students must rank in the following ranges, in one of the areas listed below, to receive points. 

121 or greater = 4   111-121 = 3    90-110 = 2    80 - 89 = 1

Intellectual Ability   Academic Skills   Creativity    Leadership    Artistic Talent

Parent Inventory

Students will receive the following points for scoring in the ranges listed.

96-105 = 3   85-95 = 2    80-84 = 1

Total points possible = 7


Social Environmental Factors

Total points possible 2 1/2


A total of 12 points out of a possible 18 1/2 are required for program placement.  Parents are encouraged to call the GATE office for questions regarding their child's score.



Criteria used by TVUSD for Placement in the Gifted and Talented Education Program


Intellectual Ability Measure

Raven Progressive Matrices


Academic Ability Measure

           CAASPP scores


GATE Characteristics Evaluation

Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scales

Parent Inventory


Social Environmental Factors

Consideration for disadvantaged students or those with varying cultural backgrounds.



GATE Placement

Temecula Valley Unified School District uses multiple criteria for identification of potentially gifted students in grades 3 - 11.  All students are initially screened with the Raven Progressive Matrices.  A minimum score of the 95th percentile is required to proceed with the evaluation.  Parents of students scoring below the 95th percentile will receive a letter letting them know the evaluation will not continue.  Parents are welcome to contact the GATE office to obtain their child's score.

Students scoring in the 95th percentile or greater will automatically continue with the evaluation.  A nomination folder containing observation forms is prepared for all students being evaluated.  Teachers complete the GATES Summary and the Environmental Factors form and are asked to forward the Parent Inventory home for parent input.  The folders are returned to the GATE district office before school lets out for the summer.  CAASPP scores are sent to districts from the state in early summer, once received scoring can be completed.

Nomination status letters will be sent to all parents with students in the process by U.S. Mail.  Principals are given the names of students who have qualified before school resumes so that students may be scheduled in the proper education setting.

GATE Identification Process Time Line



December 4th- December 18th

Nominations by both classroom teachers and parents are accepted for third through eleventh grade students. GATE site contacts will forward a list of students to the District Office to confirm eligibility. Permission letters go home to parents on December 5th. Signed permission to test is required for all students being evaluated for the program.

 January 23th - March 17th

Raven Progressive Matrices is administered at each school site for all third through eleventh grade students with signed permission.  Students in grades 3 - 11 who rank in the 95th percentile or above will continue with the evaluation for the program.  A folder containing the Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scales, Parent Inventory and Social Environment Factors form is prepared for each student that meets the 95th percentile cutoff. Call your child’s school or check the GATE calendar on this website for specific dates.

Parents of students scoring below this cutoff will be notified by mail.  Parents may call the GATE office to discuss their child's Raven score. 

 January - May 26th

Parents and teachers complete evaluation forms and folders for each student in the identification process, folders are returned to the District Office.


Scoring of student folders begins as soon as CAASPP scores are available from the state.

 June 8th and 22nd

Raven test dates for new students from outside the district or students who were absent when testing was done at their school.  Attendance by appointment only, contact 506-7988 or .


Parents are notified of the results of the evaluation. Nomination status letters will go home in the U.S. Mail.  Schools are notified before school starts so that students may be placed in the correct instructional setting.